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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*

Sealants & Coatings

Paint Sealants and Paint Coatings are long term protection products designed to protect the paint surface from the elements. Sealants offer long term durability, exceptional gloss and fantastic UV protection making them ideal choices for sensitive paint. Paint Coatings are a little more specialist and are not for the faint hearted however the results are worth the effort. Coattings typically offer superior durability, gloss and UV protection than traditional Sealants as well as a certain level of abrasion resistance, offering that extra level of protection.

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    Zaino Z-2 Pro


    Zaino Z-2 Pro Zaino Z-2 Pro is a durable, easy to use synthetic paint sealant which will offer 6 months + of protection as well as leaving a stunni...

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