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Koch Chemie ProtectorWax PW

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Koch Chemie ProtectorWax or PW as it is also referred to as, is an easy to use high gloss spray wax which is applied with a Snow Foam Lance.

Simply wash the vehicle, rinse the shampoo, and whilst the surface is still wet apply Koch Chemie ProtectorWax and allow to soak in. Rinse the product thoroughly to activate the high gloss, super hydrophobic protection.

ProtectorWax can be used all over the vehicle on paintwork, plastic trim, rubber, glass and more!

How to use Koch Chemie ProtectorWax PW

Wash the vehicle and rinse the shampoo off. Before the vehicle is dry apply ProtectorWax to the vehicle using a Snow Foam Lance. Mix 30ml of ProtectorWax to 970ml of water. Once ProtectorWax has been applied and allow to dwell, rinse thoroughly and then proceed to dry the vehicle.

Size: 1L