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Get 10% OFF With Code NOV10


Browse our sale items. Some items might be special offers, some might be clearance. Either way they won't hang around for long so be quick!
  • Meguiars Wash Plus+
    Save £4.95

    Meguiars Wash Plus+

    Original Price £14.95
    Current Price £10.00

    Meguiars Wash Plus+ is a car wash with micro polishing particles which help remove stubborn bug splats, tar and even minor scuffs. With it's high c...

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  • Dodo Juice Hard Candy
    Sold out

    Dodo Juice Hard Candy

    Original Price £29.95
    Current Price £22.00

    Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Candy is a hard wax for all colours Like Rainforest Rub, Hard Candy contains canelilla wax as well as carnauba - but it'...

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