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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*
FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*


Gtechniq offer a range of protective coatings for paintwork, wheels, trim and glass as well as a large range of detailing products which compliment their coatings. Gtechniq products are always of the finest quality and are perfect for professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.

Gtechniq's goal is simple, to engineer the world's best surface care products based on real science, innovative materials and ease of use. If you are looking for the best coatings and detailing products for your clients or your own car Gtechniq is for you.

For the professionals, Gtechniq is a well recognised name and offering these coatings to your clients will offer peace of mind.

  • Gtechniq EXO v4

    from £49.95

    Gtechniq EXO v4Ultra Durable Hydrophobic CoatingGtechniq EXO v4 is a ultra durable hydrophobic paint coating which offers high gloss, slickness and...

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  • Gtechniq Kit Bag


    Gtechniq Kit BagThis handy storage bag is perfect for keeping all your favourite Gtechniq products safe and in one place. Eye-catching in Gtechniq ...

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  • Gtechniq Easy Coat

    from £11.95

    Gtechniq Easy Coat is an innovative, hose on ceramic protection. This quick and easy to apply ceramic protection has incredibly strong dirt resista...

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