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Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass

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Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass

Car Glass Cleaner

Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass is an easy to use and straight forward glass cleaner. G6 Perfect Glass takes a glass cleaner back to the basics, removing unnecessary ingredients like fragrances and colours which could cause streaking.

The focus of G6 Perfect Glass is cleaning power and a streak free finish as well as creating a positive charge on the surface of the glass which will help to repel dust.

Features of G6 Perfect Glass

  • Streak free glass cleaner
  • No fragrances or colourings
  • Easy to use

How to use Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass

Simply spray Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass on the glass to be cleaned and wipe with a clean microfibre glass towel to a streak free finish.

Size: 500ml & 5L - Close size above