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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*

Glass / Windscreen Sealants

Clean glass is a must! It really finishes off a car, certainly from the driver and passengers point of view as there is nothing more irritating than a dirty windscreen. We stock a variety of Glass Cleaners to clean your glass with ease and Glass Sealants to protect and repel water.

  • Microfibre Glass Towel


    Microfibre Glass Towel Our Microfibre Glass Towel is perfect for cleaning glass leaving behind a streak and smear free finish. Size: 40x40cm

  • Gyeon Q2M Glass

    from £7.95

    Gyeon Q2M Glass is a powerful glass cleaner which removes streaks, grime, and oily residue, leaving behind a streak free finish. Whilst being a pow...

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  • Soft99 Ultra Glaco

    Soft99 Ultra Glaco


    Soft99 Ultra Glaco is a durable glass coating that comes in an easy to use applicator. Ultra Glaco evens the surface of the glass, allowing repel w...

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  • Gyeon Q2 AntiFog


    Gyeon Q2 AntiFog combines advanced quartz technology with user friendly characteristics, creating an easy to use, anti fog solution for your vehicl...

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  • Gyeon Q2 View 20ml

    Gyeon Q2 View 20ml


    Gyeon Q2 View is an advanced, yet user friendly coating for your vehicles glass. Q2 View will form a strong protective layer on your vehicles glass...

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  • Gyeon Q2 Quick View


    Gyeon Q2 Quick View is a glass coating which is quick and easy to apply, thanks to it's built in applicator. Q2 Quick View offers up to 6 months of...

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  • CarPro Clarify

    from £8.95

    CarPro Clarify is a glass cleaner which is tough on dirt and grime, streak free and won't damaged your rain repellent glass coating. Clarify is saf...

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  • CarPro FogFight


    CarPro FogFight is a long lasting anti-fog agent for your vehicles interior. Fog Fight is a super hydrophilic coat which eliminates tiny water cond...

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  • CarPro CeriGlass


    CarPro CeriGlass is a glass polish with a blend of ceramic abrasives, cerium oxide and nanotechnology ingredients. CeriGlass safely removes water s...

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