Bilt Hamber Trace Less

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Bilt Hamber Trace Less

Bilt Hamber Trace Less is a glass cleaner with a twist. Traditionally formulated glass cleaners contain non-evaporating surfactants and soaps (that wet and clean) plus glycols, perfumes, and dyes. During cleaning these can be left behind causing stubborn streaking and smearing.

Bilt-Hamber Laboratories use unique super-wetting, 100% evaporating surfactants to produce TRACE-LESS. These special surfactants leave no such residue. Unlike competing products that run quickly from vertical surfaces, TRACE-LESS instantly wets glass surfaces ensuring uniform application and minimal product runoff.

The powerful, non-abrasive surfactants and cleaners tackle greasy and dry particulate dirt more effectively than competing products and will not stain sensitive metals such as aluminium. TRACE-LESS does not leave a hydrophobic coating and will not damage or remove quality glass sealants or rain repellents.

Use on interior and exterior glass plus acrylic, and infotainment screens. Safe on tinted glass, mirrors, spectacles, and hard-glazed surfaces. Only use clean lint-free cloths free of detergents and fabric conditioners – these will cause smearing.

Sizes Available: 1L & 5L

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