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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*
FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*


Applicators make using a product so much easier, quicker and safer. We have a variety of different applicators from foam to microfibre for applying dressings, polishes, glazes, sealants, waxes and much more.

  • ShopnShine

    Microfibre Applicator


    Microfibre Applicator Our Microfibre Applicator is great value and perfect for application of Polish, Sealant, Waxes and much more. Complete with e...

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  • Gyeon

    Gyeon Q2M Suede Applicators (10 Pack)


    The Gyeon Q2M Suede Applicators are designed to be used with the Gyeon Applicator Block for the application of coatings. Size: 10x10cm (10 Pack)

  • Gyeon

    Gyeon - Coating Applicator Block


    The Gyeon Coating Applicator Block is designed to be used with the Gyeon Suede Applicators to aid in the application of coatings.

  • CarPro

    CarPro Cquartz Applicator Block


    The CarPro Cquartz Applicator Block is used in conjunction with suedes to apply ceramic coatings. Sold individually.