ShineMate Polishing Balls (Various Grades)

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Grade: Yellow (Cutting)
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ShineMate Polishing Balls (Various Grades)

The ShineMate Polishing Balls measure 77mm in diameter and designed to fit on a regular drill to create a powerful polishing tool. Made from high quality open cell foam which is perfect for polishing exhausts, alloys, headlights and other hard to reach areas. Simply combine with a metal polish or paint polish and away you go.

The ShineMate Polishing Balls are available in various grades

  • Yellow - Cutting. Used for correcting heavy swirls or deposits on metal
  • Maroon - Light Cutting is a versatile all rounder, which can remove heavy deposits and swirls whilst finishing down well.
  • Blue - Polishing for general use removing medium swirls or deposits.
  • Orange - Light Polishing for removing light contamination or swirls.
  • Red - Ultra-Soft with no mechanical cut perfect for waxes and sealants or high gloss polishing & finishing

Sold separately, select grade above.

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