Gyeon Q2 View 20ml

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Gyeon Q2 View 20ml

Gyeon Q2 View is an advanced, yet user friendly coating for your vehicles glass. Q2 View will form a strong protective layer on your vehicles glass which is very hydrophobic. Q2 View will repel water, ice and dirt making driving safer and cleaning easier!

One coat of Q2 View will last for up to 12 months on the windscreen and anything up to 36 months on the side windows.

Size: 20ml
pH Tolerance: 2 - 11
Starting Speed: 50kph
Durability: >12 Months / 30km

Kit Contains: 1x Q2 Cleanse 20ml, 1x Q2 View 20ml, 2x Applicators, 4x Suede Cloths & Manual.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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