Gyeon Q2 View EVO

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Gyeon Q2 View EVO

Gyeon Q2 View EVO is their latest coating in the EVO range, taking over from the popular Q2 View Glass Coating. As per usual with the Gyeon EVO range, expect improved durability, usability, and chemical resistance.

Q2 View EVO will improve visibility by forming a hardwearing, super hydrophobic layer on your glass which boasts up to 24 months of protection on the windscreen and up to 36 months on the side windows with the correct maintenance. Driving in the rain is safer as the water repels off at speeds as low as 50 kmh (32mph), and future cleaning will be a breeze as stubborn dirt won't bond.

  • 1x Repel Rain Repellent - 20ml
  • 1x Glass Polish - 20ml
  • 1x Coating Applicator
  • 4x Suede Towels
  • 1x Polishing Suede Block
  • Instruction Manual
  • Durability: >24 months / 50,000KM
  • Repellency Speed: 50 kph / 32 mph
  • Coverage: 20ml per window

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