Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large

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Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large

Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large is an ultra hydrophobic glass sealant designed to make rain bead up and roll off at speeds of 45 km/h or more. What is even better with Glaco Roll On Large is the fact it comes with a built in applicator, so no need for additional applicators. Simply remove the cap and apply.

Coating your glass will make visibility greater driving in the rain, clearing of ice easier and future cleaning effortless

Using Soft99 Glaco Roll On Large

Ensure glass is clean and dry before application. For best results use a glass polish such as Soft99 Glaco Glass Compound Roll On.

Remove the cap, press the felt applicator against the glass and gently squeeze to dispense product. Rub the liquid into the glass, ensuring even coverage. Allow 5 - 10 minutes to dry and wipe off excess with a clean, damp microfibre towel.

Size: 120ml

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