Soft99 Ultra Glaco

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Soft99 Ultra Glaco

Soft99 Ultra Glaco is a durable glass coating that comes in an easy to use applicator. Ultra Glaco evens the surface of the glass, allowing repel water with ease. Water will bead off the glass at speeds as low 35mph increasing visibility and therefore safety. Ultra Glaco will also impede windows freezing, helping you on those frosty mornings. Glaco will last for up to 6 months and is very easy to apply.

How To Use Soft99 Ultra Glaco

Ensure glass is clean and ideal use a glass polish to ensure it is perfectly prepared. Before application ensure the glass is dry.

Take the cap off Glaco and apply to the glass is cross movements. Allow for the product to dry on the surface, until white residue becomes visible. Remove the residue with a clean microfiber towel.

Size: 70ml

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