Gtechniq Easy Coat

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Gtechniq Easy Coat

Gtechniq Easy Coat is an innovative, hose on ceramic protection. This quick and easy to apply ceramic protection has incredibly strong dirt resistance properties and effectively repels any dirt or dust from the surface. Expect protection to last for around 3 months and each 500ml bottle contains enough to do two medium size vehicles.

Available in the Kit form as well as 500ml and 5L refills. The kit contains 500ml of Easy Coat, the dispenser and hose connector.

Using Gtechniq Easy Coat

Ensure vehicle is cool and out of direct sunlight. Wash vehicle in usual manner ensuring vehicle is well rinsed. Whilst the vehicle is still wet insert the hose attachment supplied in the kit and hose down all surfaces. Turn the forward knob to introduce the Easy Coat into the water feed and apply to all surfaces. Once all surfaces are coated, turn the forward knob back to it's original position and rinse down all surface thoroughly. Finally dry the vehicle with a Microfibre Drying Towel.

Sizes Available: 500ml Kit, 500ml Refill & 5L Refill

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