PA Snow Foam Lance - Various Fittings


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PA Snow Foam Lance - Various Fittings

PA Snow Foam Lance

The popular PA Snow Foam Lance is designed to be used with a Snow Foam or Pre-Wash Product to cover your car in a thick layer of foam. This thick layer of foam clings to the surface of your car, encapsulating and softening dirt allowing it to be rinsed away with a pressure washer.

Depending on how bad the dirt and grime build-up is or how well protected the car is the Snow Foam Lance in combination with a good snow foam can help to remove most if not all of the dirt and grime, making for a safer wash process.

The PA Snow Foam Lance is constructed from a quality solid brass body and has two adjustments, one to alter the spray pattern of the foam and the other controls the mixture of foam to water so you can get the right consistency for the job. Complete with a 1L bottle.

  • Making the wash process safer, helping to prevent swirls
  • Produce a thick, clingy, dirt busting foam
  • Max Pressure: 200 bar / Max Temp: 60°C
  • Heavy Duty Quality Design

We stock a wide range of adapters for most pressure washers on the market. Simply match the adapter on the picture to the coupling on your pressure washer and select from the fitment drop down below and we'll send the right foam lance to match your machine.

How to use our Snow Foam Lance

Your snow foam lance will arrive with the desired connector for your pressure washer. Simply add a Snow Foam to the manufacturer's specified dilution rate and then fill with water. Gently shake it up and attach it to your pressure washer. Ensure it is fastened correctly before using it.

The top dial will adjust the amount of foam produced and the front plastic grip will adjust the spray pattern.

Spray the foam on to the vehicle, allow to dwell for several minutes and jet wash off. For best results clean the foam lance periodically by filling the bottle with water and running it through.

Video of our PA Snow Foam Lance

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