Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Sealant and Detailer

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Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Sealant and Detailer

Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Sealant and Detailer

Hybrid V7-Optical Select-High Gloss Spray Sealant Detailer

When selecting to design a new sprayable sealant and hybrid gloss enhancer spray detailer Chemical Guys decided to work from the ground up.

They wanted something that was unthinkable, a product that would vanish into the finish instantly. A durable sealant that would disappear into the surface in a single wipe delivering long lasting superior optical-clarity and a high-shine slick finish. Hybrid V7 has undergone extensive testing to deliver a superior high gloss, wet shine, deep, reflective finish that takes any surface, wax or base sealant to the next level. Hybrid V7 works at a nano-spec level and bonds to surfaces instantly while its hybrid fast-flash technology virtually disappears into your finish leaving a durable streak-free high gloss, slick, non-stick finish.

How to use

Ensure vehicle is clean and dry, apply a light spray to the panel spread with a plush microfibre cloth. Turn the cloth over to a dry side and buff any remaining residue.

Size: 473ml (16oz) with spray head

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