Menzerna Power Lock Sealant

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Menzerna Power Lock Sealant

Menzerna Power Lock is a durable polymer sealant for all automotive clear coats that delivers a long lasting protection and a deep glossy finish.

Power Lock Ultimate Protection is an easy to use polymer sealant and leaves behind an extremely slick and hydrophobic finish that will last for a long time.

  • Durable polymer sealant
  • High gloss and super slick
  • Easy to apply and remove

How to use Menzerna Power Lock Sealant

Ensure vehicle is clean and free of contaminants. Apply a small amount of Menzerna Power Lock to a foam applicator and slowly work into the paintwork. Use an overlapping motion to ensure a thin and even coat.

Allow to cure for 10-15 minutes and then buff to a high gloss with a clean microfibre towel.

Menzerna Power Lock can be applied via a machine polisher also using the Menzerna Premium Waxing Pad.

Size: 250ml

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