Carbon Collective Speciale SiO2 Ceramic Detailer

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Carbon Collective Speciale SiO2 Ceramic Detailer

Carbon Collective Speciale is a SiO2 Ceramic Detailer which will quickly add incredible gloss and hydrophobic protective properties to your vehicle. Speciale can be used as a top up for ceramics or as a stand alone sealant. Use it on wet or dry paintwork with a simple spray, wipe and buff offering up to 3 months of protection.

Using Carbon Collective Speciale

Use Speciale on wet or dry paint. Ensure vehicle is clean before application. Apply a light mist of Speciale onto a microfibre towel from around 20cm away. Apply one panel at a time, wiping in straigh lines. Buff off any excess residue, folding the cloth as you go. Use a second dry microfibre towel to buff off any excess.

Size: 500ml

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