Valet Pro Snow Seal

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Valet Pro Snow Seal

Snow Seal from Valet Pro is a hydrophobic sealant that is applied via your Snow Foam Lance! Simply wash your car, apply Snow Seal and rinse off to activate a glossy, durable layer of protection that lasts for months. Snow Seal lays down an extremely hydrophobic layer of protection which provides impressive water beading.

How To Use Valet Pro Snow Seal

Before use ensure vehicle is clean, cool and out of direct sunlight. Wash the vehicle as normal and rinse the shampoo off. Dilute 50ml of Snow Seal to 250ml of water in your Snow Foam Lance. Apply to the surface being careful to avoid the windscreen. Once the whole vehicle is coated, rinse off thoroughly to activate. Simply just dry the car down with a Blower or Drying Towel and clean glass with a glass cleaner.

Size: 500ml

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