Auto Finesse Graphene Filler Liquid Wax

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Auto Finesse Graphene Filler Liquid Wax

An advanced liquid paintwork sealant developed to add extreme gloss and durable, ultra-hydrophobic protection that lasts for 6 to 8-months, Graphene Filler Liquid Wax has been developed as the ultimate easy-to-apply performance coating.

This next-generation super sealant is infused with graphene, a substance that, on an atomic scale, is made up of layers of hexagonally-bonded carbon atoms – essentially a single atom-thick honeycomb sheet - making it one of the strongest materials known to man. Because of its unique molecular structure, graphene is not only more elastic than rubber, but it’s 100 times tougher than steel and has a super-high chemical resistance, along with being hugely resilient when it comes to knocks and abrasion.

Packed into this advanced liquid formula, the graphene material instantly bonds to paintwork on a molecular level establishing a flexible, impermeable barrier that’s significantly harder than any clearcoat layer. This super-tough sealant also offers a high-water contact-angle for increased beading over more traditional coatings, as well as exceptional anti-corrosion characteristics (for supreme resistance to road salt), and anti-static properties proven to repel dust and light particulates. Graphene can even reduce surface heat absorption to make paintwork less prone to water spotting and susceptible mineral deposits.

Suitable for use on any gloss paint types, Graphene Liquid Filler Wax is a professional grade, cutting-edge coating that has been specifically developed to leave behind a wet-look, slick, glossy surface, despite being extremely quick and straightforward to apply without the need for any professional training.

  • Infused with graphene which is 100 times tougher than steel.
  • Introduces the hardest possible paintwork protection layer.
  • Leaves behind a slick, wet look surface.
  • Ultra-hydrophobic - high water contact-angle for the ultimate beading.
  • High chemical resistance, up to (PH12).
  • High flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Unique anti-static and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Reduces surface heat absorption over traditional coatings.
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula. Suitable for all gloss paint types.

Size: 500ml

Please Note: For use on painted surfaces only. Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Store upright at all times.

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