Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka

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Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka

Soft 99 Rain Drop is an durable spray sealant in an aerosol form. Rain Drop can be sprayed on all surfaces of the vehicle such as paintwork, glass, plastic, chrome and more. Application is quick and protection lasts for up to 3 months on the paintwork repelling water and dirt with ease.

How to use Soft99 Rain Drop

Shake can well before use and ensure vehicle is clean. Spray Soft99 Rain Drop onto the wet body and glass, spraying for about 1 second per 1m2. After spraying, immediately wipe, spreading the the foam around the surface with a clean microfibre towel. Wring the towel out regularly. After wiping dry, leave to dry for 5 minutes in hot conditions or up to 30 minutes in cold conditions.

Size: 300ml Aerosol  

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