Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat


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Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat

Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat is a instant, spray on rinse off coating. Gyeon Wet Coat offers high levels of durability, gloss and water beading in a quick, easy application.

Gyeon Wet Coat can be used as a stand along protection product or on top of waxes, sealants or coatings and can be used on all surfaces. It offers impressive self cleaning properties, helping to keep your car cleaner for longer.

Using Gyeon Wet Coat

To use, simply mist onto a wet panel and jet off immediately, for instant  slickness, gloss and protection. Using Gyeon Wet Coat also makes drying much easier as water disperses much easier with less water left to soak up.

Gyeon Wet Coat is a very popular product and if you find yourself getting through it quickly you can purchase the bigger bulk sizes or buy the concentrated version Gyeon Wet Coat Essence.

Sizes Available: 500ml, 1L & 4L

If you wish to sample Q2M Wet Coat, it can be found in the Gyeon Q2M Wash & Clean Sample Set & Gyeon Q2M Experience Sample Set

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