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Koch Chemie 1K Nano Paint Sealant 250ml


Koch Chemie 1K Nano

Durable, Glossy & Hydrophobic Paint Sealant

Koch Chemie 1K Nano is a durable sealant for your vehicles paintwork that forms an extremely smooth, high gloss seal that protects the paintwork against chemicals, UV rays and abrasion.

Using 1K Nano protects the paintwork from adverse and environmental factors and it's unique easy to clean performance allows dirt, grime, bug splats, bird droppings and much more easy to remove.

The durability of 1K Nano is approximately 1 year however this can be extended up to 3 years with regular washing using NanoMagicShampoo.

Size: 250ml

Whats in the 1K Nano Kit?

  • 250ml 1K Nano Sealant
  • 75ml Dispensing Bottle
  • Application Sponge
  • Certificates
  • Flyers
  • Stickers "Paint Sealaed with Koch-Chemie 1K Nano"

How to use 1K Nano

Paintwork must be cleaned, decontaminated and polished before application of 1K Nano. 1K Nano must be applied in a controlled environment indoors between the temperatures of 15-30°C

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly shortly before use and fill the supplied plastic bottle (75ml). This amount is usually sufficient for a medium-sized vehicle.
  2. Apply 1K Nano ideally mechanically with an orbital polisher without forced orbit at low speeds with a finishing pad or with the supplied application sponge, no pressure needed. Apply to only one panel at a time and work for around 2-3 minutes occasionally applying fresh sealant. After the 2-3 minutes do not apply more sealant and continue to work until a continuous film is created.
  3. Leave for 2-3 minutes and then buff to a high gloss using a clean microfibre towel.
  4. Allow the sealant to fully harden for around 2 hours.

Video of Koch Chemie 1K Nano in action