Koch Chemie RS Reactivation Shampoo

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Koch Chemie RS Reactivation Shampoo

Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo is a strong foaming, acidic shampoo that reactivates ceramic coatings. Hydrophilic dirt such as dust, limescale, and salts are removed by washing with the Reactivation Shampoo. Such dirt impairs the easy-to-clean effect and the hydrophobic effect of the ceramic-sealed surfaces. The acidic setting of the shampoo ensures that the dirt is loosened and removed. This revives the dirt and water-repellent properties of the ceramic coating.

Using Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo

Coarse dirt should be removed with an alkaline pre-cleaner and high-pressure wash before using Reactivation Shampoo. Dilute the shampoo 1:200 (for hand washing 50 ml to 10 l) with water. This achieves a pH of 3.0. When using a foam cannon, adjust the pre-dilution accordingly. Wash the pre-cleaned and still-wet vehicle with a washing sponge. Rinse the product thoroughly to avoid stains. Dry off residual water.

Size: 1L

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