Koch Chemie S0 03 Hydro Foam Sealant

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Koch Chemie S0 03 Hydro Foam Sealant

Koch Chemie S0.03 Hydro Foam Sealant is a premium easy-to-use wet sealant that produces a hydrophobic layer on paintwork, glass, and plastic. Not only does Hydro Foam Sealant leave a layer of protection, but also contains high-gloss additives to make your paintwork pop!

Away from the paintwork, it protects other surfaces too such as plastics and convertible roofs to repel water and prevent fading. On glass the hydrophobic effect helps rain water to clear easier, ensuring great visibility.

Using Koch Chemie S0.03 Hydro Foam Sealant

Wash the vehicle in the usual way and rinse the shampoo off. Whilst the paintwork is still wet, apply the Hydro Foam Sealant all over and allow it to react briefly. Rinse off the product thoroughly to avoid stains, this will activate the protection. Dry the vehicle off as normal.

Dilution ratios: Dilute between 1:50 - 1:150 in a snow foam lance or pump sprayer. Mix the product for one application only and do not store the diluted product.

Size: 1L

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