Koch Chemie MZR Mehrzweckreiniger

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Koch Chemie MZR Mehrzweckreiniger

Koch Chemie MZR Mehrzweckreiniger is a highly effective alkaline intensive cleaner for cars. Deep, thorough removal of oil, greases, ink, soot, nicotine and common road dirt. For plastics, textiles, upholstery, machinery, etc. Mehrzweckreiniger has an excellent dirt dissolving and carrying capacity. Provides a pleasant scent for the surroundings.

Use on: Alkali-resistant, carpets, upholstery, vehicle roof linings, plastics, industrial machinery, etc.

Using Koch Chemie MZR

Depending on the dirt accumulation, apply a 1:5 to 1:50 solution with a spray bottle, microfibre mitt or similar and allow it to react for a short time. If necessary process mechanically with a brush or cloth. Wipe residues off with a damp cloth or use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. For use in spray extraction and other carpet/upholstery cleaners we recommend the addition of Kocentschäumer defoaming agent.

Size: 1L

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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