Britemax Trim Max

Introducing Britemax Trim Max the latest product from Britemax. Trim Max is a black trim restorer which breathes life back into tired and faded plastic and vinyl trim.

This easy to use trim restorer simply just wipes on and buffs off to leave behind a non-greasy factory fresh finish. Whilst the bottle looks expensive a little bit goes a long way making it great value for money.

How to use Britemax Trim Max

Britemax Trim Max

Degrease and clean

The first thing to do is to clean and degrease the plastic trim to be dressed. For this we used Britemax Grime Out. We sprayed on to the area and agitated with a Valet Pro Detailing Brush and then wiped away the residue.

By doing this stage it prepares the surface to be dressed by removing any dirt and grime as well as old trim dressings which can impact the looks and durability of Trim Max.

If necessary repeat the cleaning stage if heavily soiled.

Britemax Trim Max

Shake and Apply

Next, ensure the trim is clean and dry and shake the Trim Max well. Before applying we recommend wearing gloves. Apply a small amount of Trim Max to a Foam Applicator and gently work it into the plastic trim. In this instance we have used 3M Masking Tape to provide a good 50/50 difference.

Whilst applying Trim Max, avoid contact with the paintwork and if necessary use Masking Tape to prevent it going onto the surface.

Allow 1 – 2 minutes for it to penetrate the trim before buffing it to an even finish with a clean microfibre towel.

Britemax Trim Max

Sit Back & Admire

That’s all you need to do to restore faded trims with Britemax Trim Max and what’s more is it lasts for months like that! Just ensure you allow 4 hours for it to fully cure to the surface without getting wet.

As you can see from our 50 / 50 picture the difference is dramatic, the trim of this Honda S2000 has seen better days and trim Max has brought it back to life, leaving a factory, non-greasy finish.

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