NEW – Gtechniq EXOv4

New to ShopnShine is Gtechniq EXOv4. This is the latest ultra durable hydrophobic coating offering from Gtechniq. EXOv4 has a few improvements as well as a reduced VOC level.

What is Gtechniq EXO?

Gtechniq EXO we like to think is like a modern day wax, it gives you the gloss and the beading of a luxury car wax but the durability of a coating. Over the years it has evolved more and more with improvements made on it’s looks, durability, ease of use and now with EXOv4 it’s environmental impact.

What’s new with Gtechniq EXOv4

Gtechniq EXOv4 was revised in order to lower the VOC content however as a result a few noticeable improvements came apparent. As the ingredients were altered in an attempt to lower it’s VOC content it resulted in a slower flash off time, this brought two benefits:

Easier Application – Due to the slower flash off time it allows you more time for application making for easier application.

Improved Durability – The slower flash off time of the carrier element allows for EXO v4 to form a more consistent film on the surface which increases the durability.

Gtechniq EXO v4 now boasts up to 2 years of durable protection, even easier application, high gloss levels and impressive water beading.

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