Rupes Bigfoot Polishers & Accessories Now Stocked

We are now proud to announce we are official Rupes resellers. For a long time we have been fans of the their range for their attention to efficiency and quality. The Machine Polishers are comfortable to use with an even weight distribution, well built bodies and plenty of power. Their pads and polish work together with a colour coded system. Finally a range of accessories complete the system.

Rupes Machine Polishers

Rupes machines are of a high quality build featuring durable bodies. Perfectly balanced weight inspires confidence and makes the machine more comfortable to use. Rupes Polishers boast efficient use of power, they use as little as possible to do as much as possible. In conclusion their polishers are made with the user in mind, to be easy to use and built to last.

Rupes Polish & Pads

Having the perfect machine polisher is nothing without the perfect pads and polish to go with it. Their polishes and pads feature a colour system to quickly match them up. Open cell structures in the polishing pads help to dissipate heat and keep polishes working to their optimum performance.

Rupes Accessories

Amongst their range of impressive machine polishers, compounds and pad there is also a fantastic range of high quality accessories. Items like Swirl Finding Torch ,Detailing Apron, Pad Cleaning Brush and much more!

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