Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool

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Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool

The Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool is an essential pad cleaning and pad removal tool for any detailing enthusiast or professional. The innovative design by Rupes features 2 separate functional ends.

Pad Cleaning Brush

One end of the Claw Pad Tool features a brush which can be used to clean foam, microfibre or short pile wool pads. The semi-rigid nylon bristles are designed to dislodge dried compound residues from pads without causing damage. This ensures the operators maintain optimal efficiency whilst polishing.

Pad Removal Tool

The other end of the Claw Pad Tool features an innovative wedge, that is used to create separation between the hook and loop attachment point for pad removal. This eliminates the potential for accidental tears and damage to pads when pulling them from the backing plate.

This handy tool is compact and ergonomic. It will fit into a pocket or belt for quick access during polishing helping to boost productivity and prolong pad life.

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