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FREE UK Delivery on orders over £50*


Britemax's premium range of award winning, professional detailing products include fallout removers, polishes, glazes, waxes, metal polishes and much more. This incredible range of products are manufactured in the USA.

The range features many outstanding detailing products with one of the most prominent being the Britemax Metal Twins commonly referred to as the Britemax Twins. This two stage metal polish system easily cleans and protects metals leaving behind a blinding shine.

Britemax Polishes and Waxes also deliver exceptional results which not look great but are very easy to use, with their premium carnauba based wax Vantage offering superb durability and show car gloss! All Britemax products are designed with ease of use, quality, value and looks in mind.

Here at Shop 'n' Shine Britemax detailing products regularly get used on our own vehicles as well as on many of our clients vehicles.

  • Britemax Grime Out

    from £11.95

    Britemax Grime Out Powerful Multi Purpose Degreaser Britemax Grime Out is a powerful cleanser and degreaser which is capable of removing brake dust...

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    Britemax Pure Max Shampoo

    from Original Price £14.95
    from £12.00

    Britemax Pure Max Shampoo Britemax Pure Max is the perfect choice for those wanting a car shampoo free of gloss enhancing oils, polymers or waxes. ...

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  • Britemax Black Max


    Britemax Black Max is a polymer-based ultra fine polishing glaze, suitable for ALL colours. Formulated to easily remove buffer trails and light swi...

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