Britemax Trim Max Black Trim Restorer

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Britemax Trim Max Black Trim Restorer

Britemax Trim Max restores faded and tired plastic trim back to it's original deep rich black colour. Trim Max not only restores black trim but also protects them. It can be used on all plastics and vinyl trim including bumpers, mirror caps, handles and much more! 

Britemax Trim Max features an advanced VOC free formula which combines a unique drying oil with polymer-forming properties which are designed to penetrate and bind to plastic and vinyl surfaces. Upon exposure to air, Trim Max forms a solid film which hardens and crosslinks to protect the surface.

How to use Britemax Trim Max

Ensure the surface to be treated is cleaned thoroughly with a degreaser like Britemax Grime Out. Once cleaned make sure the surface is dry. Shake well before use and wear Nitrile Gloves and eye protection. Trim Max can stain clothing and skin.

Once shaken apply a small amount onto a Foam Applicator or Microfibre Applicator and spread a thin coat on the area to be treated. Try to avoid the paintwork and use Masking Tape if necessary. Allow Trim Max to penetrate for 1-2 minutes and then use a clean microfibre towel to buff to an even finish. Allow Trim Max 4 hours to fully cure before getting wet.

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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