Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish Metal Polish

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Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish Metal Polish

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Metal Polish & Sealant

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish is a metal polish designed to produce a brilliant shine on the most neglected metals whilst also being gentle enough to use on a regular basis. Mothers Mag & Aluminium polish can be used on all metals except for gold plating, chrome, anodised, painted or coated metals, making it a great choice for most vehicles.

Mag & Aluminium Polish not only polishes metals to a high shine but also protects them with as it acts as a sealant, keeping your metals look great for even longer.

How To Use

Apply a small amount to a clean cloth or applicator. Work polish into the metal surface until black residue appears. Buff residue with a clean microfibre towel. A second microfibre towel may be required for heavily soiled metal. All you need for a premium metal polish is Mothers Mag & Aluminium Polish, a clean cloth and some elbow grease.

For an easier, more intensive polish you can combine this polish with a polishing ball for your drill, which can be found here: ShineMate Polishing Balls.

Size: 5oz & 10oz

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