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Dodo Juice Sour Power

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Dodo Juice Sour Power is a pH-neutral gloss-enhancing car shampoo, containing wax-grade carnauba to add gloss and protection to your paintwork.

This high performance car shampoo smells great and is highly concentrated, diluting at up to 1:600 with water. It foams up and lubricates the paint surface exceptionally. It's wax safe so will not strip or breakdown any existing wax or sealant layers.

What We Think

First thing we notice with this car shampoo is it's amazing smell. It foams up well and cuts through dirt and grime with ease, whilst lubricating the paint surface perfectly ensuring our wash mitt glides along nicely.

The only thing we noticed was that the suds don't last as long as other car shampoos, but it's performance and cleaning ability was not effected. Once the car was washed, rinsed and dried the gloss it left behind is unbelievable.

Sour Power is the perfect shampoo if your looking for quick and high quality results, or for giving your already waxed car a clean adding to the already applied wax.

Size: 250ml