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Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild

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Dodo Juice - Born to be Mild is a pH Neutral car shampoo making it wax safe. To complement this it has excellent cleaning and foaming properties. This shampoo has high lubricity to help prevent any dirt dragging on the paint surface during contact washing.

Born to be Mild is highly concentrated and can be diluted up to 1:800 with water, without loosing it's effectiveness. About 10x more than some high street car shampoos

Being a wax friendly car shampoo it's designed to leave previously applied wax layers on the car, removing only the dirt and grime.

Free from wax and gloss enhancers.

What We Think

A little bit, goes a long way with this car shampoo. We put a small amount in our bucket and begun to fill with water, which produced plenty of suds that lasted all the way through the wash.

It cuts through dirt with ease and felt nice and slick as our wash mitt ran across the cars paint surface. The water just sheets off the car making drying very easy, leaving behind a nice gloss. On top of all this, Born to be Mild smells great.

Size: 250ml