Auto Finesse Mercury Xtreme Metal Polish

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Auto Finesse Mercury Xtreme Metal Polish

Auto Finesse Mercury Xtreme is a heavy hitting metal polishing compound that is capable of taking on the toughest tasks on any bare metal surface. Mercury Xtreme is packed with advanced abrasives, designed to quickly cut through heavy tarnishing, resilient staining and severe contaminant build up, restoring surfaces to their original, brilliant finish.

Mercury Xtreme Metal Polish is safe for use on all metal types, including stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and copper. This all in one deep cleaning and restoration polish can even correct scratches and other defects, reviving, renewing and bringing back lustre to even the most neglected parts.

Using Auto Finesse Mercury Xtreme

Ensure surface is clean before polishing. Shake bottle well and apply 1 - 2 pea sized blobs to an applicator or microfibre towel. Work into the surface and allow to haze up. Buff any residue off with a clean microfibre towel and repeat if necessary.

For an easier, more intensive polish you can combine this polish with a polishing ball for your drill, which can be found here: ShineMate Polishing Balls.

Size: 250ml



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