Polish brings out the best in your vehicles paintwork by removing Scratches, swirl marks and oxidation leaving behind a glossy, reflective surface ready for the application of sealant and or wax. We have a selection of polishes designed to be used by hand or machine polisher in the Online Shop.

Pre-Wax Cleaners are used before waxing when there is no need to use polish. Pre-wax cleaners remove old wax, embedded dirt and restore gloss. They are not as abrasive as polishes and are designed to be used more frequently without reducing the paints thickness.

Glazes are designed to give your vehicles paintwork added depth and wet look gloss. However Glazes offer no protection so will need to be followed by a sealant or wax.

Recommendation – Polish (by hand)

Polishing a car by hand is the easiest form of polishing for an enthusiast. Polishing by hand can give great results if you take your time and it doesn’t involve the cost of a polishing machine i.e. DA or Rotary + all the pads.

At Shop ‘n’ Shine we highly recommend Autoglym Super Resin Polish and Britemax A.I.O Max.

Recommendation – Polish (by machine)

Machine Polishing is quickly becoming common place among enthusiasts. With machines becoming easier to use and reducing in price, and manufacturers developing newer and more improves polishes and pads to work with the machines this sector of the detailing market is very interesting and also confusing if you are a beginner.

We at Shop 'n' Shine are huge fans of Menzerna Polishing Compounds.

Recommendation – Pre-Wax Cleaner

The daddy of all Pre-Wax Cleaners has to be Dodo Juice Lime Prime. This product works fantastically well by hand or machine to produce great results every time.

Recommendation – Glaze

With regards to glazes there are multiple options. Poorboys Black Hole and Poorboys White Diamond are a staple amongst detailers and enthusiasts. Britemax Black Max is a newly developed glaze which gives fantastic results as well.