Poorboys Black Hole

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Poorboys Black Hole

Poorboys Black Hole

Glaze For Darker Colours

Poorboys Black Hole is an easy on / easy off glaze for dark coloured vehicles. Black Hole helps bring out the most from dark colours and helps to hide light swirls, scratches and paint imperfections.

Black Hole is designed for detailers, enthusiasts and show car owners who want the best, deepest and wettest shine available. Black Hole can be applied as often as needed and can be topped with waxes or sealants, or just left alone for show vehicles. Black Hole can be applied by hand or machine.

What We Think

We have wanted to try Poorboys Black Hole for some time but due to it being such a popular product it doesn't stay on our shelves for long! Anyway here goes.

We tried Black Hole on a 2007 Vauxhall Corsa in a dark metallic blue which is covered in holograms and swirls due to past neglect as Black Hole is well known for hiding imperfections and swirls we thought it was the perfect test subject. The car was cleaned and a section masked off to highlight the difference.

We applied Black Hole with a applicator allowed to haze up and then buffed the product off with a clean microfibre revealing a nice deep glossy finish but on top of this the swirls and holograms we're greatly reduced, making Black Hole perfect for people that want to keep their car looking it's best.

We think Poorboys Black Hole is a must have Detailing Product for owners of dark coloured cars.

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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