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Get 10% OFF With Code NOV10

Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml

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Dodo Juice Lime Prime

Lime Prime is a Pre-Wax Cleaner that contains micro-abrasives which remove oxidisation and light swirlmarks, cleaning agents which remove water marks and ingrained dirt and lubricating oils for slickness and gloss.

Lime Prime is designed to clean and prepare the paint surface to ensure a good sealant or wax bond. It can be applied by hand or machine polisher.

Size: 250ml

What We Think

We love Lime Prime and now use it every time we clean a car. It goes on easily and spreads very well so you don't need to use much.

Lime Prime buffs off just as easy and quickly as it goes on leaving behind a nice clean paint surface and wet look gloss.

Works great on a machine polisher, removing light swirls with ease.