New Gyeon Light Coatings

Gyeon have recently announced their Light Coatings, and in this post we are going to go through what they are and what is different..

Gyeon Light coatings are essentially just the coating itself, with Light versions available of Q2 Matte, Q2 MOHS, Q2 One, Q2 Pure & Q2 Syncro. The Light versions are no different to the standard ones, they just don't include the applicators or bottle of Q2M Cure.

Gyeon Light Coatings are perfect for many people. You may not use the supplied applicators and have different ones you prefer to use, such as the new Gyeon Q2M Coating Applicator. As with Q2M Cure, you might not use it, or alternatively have a bigger bottle of it already in your collection. Excluding these items from the kit reduces cost, directly benefitting you. 

The following Light Coatings are available for purchase on our website now:

Gyeon Q2 Matte Light - Containing Q2 Matte 50ml.

Gyeon Q2 MOHS Light - Containing either Q2 MOHS in 30ml, 50ml or 100ml sizes.

Gyeon Q2 One Light - Containing either Q2 One in 30ml, 500ml & 100ml sizes.

Gyeon Q2 Pure Light - Containing either Q2 Pure in 30ml, 50ml & 100ml sizes.

Gyeon Q2 Syncro Light - Containing either Q2 MOHS & Q2 Skin 30ml for the 50ml kit OR Q2 MOHS 100ml & Q2 Skin 50ml for the 100ml kit.