New From Gyeon

Gyeon today have released several new products to the UK market. Some are brand new products, others are new sizes for existing products.

Gyeon Q2 Wax

We will start with what we believe is the star of the show, Gyeon Q2 Wax. Q2 Wax combines traditional wax properties with sophisticated technology to produce huge amounts of gloss and beading. It can be used as a topper on coatings or a stand alone product.

Gyeon Q2M Iron Wheel Cleaner combines the general degreasing properties of a wheel cleaner, with the deep cleaning properties of a colour changing iron fallout remover.

Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer

Very similar tom the Q2 Wax, Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer can be used as a stand alone spray sealant or a topper for coatings. Offering nice gloss and impressive water beading.

Gyeon Q2M Restart Wash is a deep cleaning shampoo which not only cleans dirt and grime but also decontaminates ferrous particles from the paintwork too, helping to reinvigorate coatings, bringing them back to life.

Gyeon Q2 Quick View is a durable glass sealant which comes with a self contained applicator, a little bit like a roll-on deodorant, making it quick and easy to add protection to your glass. 

Gyeon Q2 APC is an all purpose cleaner, helping to plug those gaps where dedicated products just don't fulfil. Highly concentrated, capable of heavy degreasing jobs through to light interior cleaning. Also worth mentioning here is Gyeon Q2M Fabric Cleaner which again can be used to clean heavily soiled fabric, all the way through to light cleaning tasks.

Gyeon Q2M Iron Wheel Cleaner

We also have the Gyeon Q2M Tire Brush for cleaning tire sidewalls, Gyeon Q2M Coating Applicators and Gyeon Q2M Tire Applicators.

Two sample kits come in the mix with the Gyeon Q2M Experience Sample Set which contains shampoos, decontamination, dressing and quick detailing products. As well as the Gyeon Q2M Wash & Clean Sample Set which contains shampoos and decontamination products. Each set contains 9x 80ml samples.

Finally, 4L sizes have been added to the following products: Q2M Bathe, Q2M Bug & Grime, Q2M Glass, Q2M Quick Detailer, Q2M Tire Cleaner & Q2M Tire Express.