New From Koch Chemie

ShopnShine were one of the first, if not the first reseller of Koch Chemie products in the UK, we have absolutely loved their range and have never been let down by one of their products!

We are pleased to introduce some new products (some of which are brand new, some are just new to us).

Koch Chemie Panel Preparation Spray PPS - Is an alcohol based panel inspection and preparation spray, designed to remove polishing oils and other greases that could either mask defects or prohibit waxes, sealants and especially coatings bonding correctly.

Koch Chemie Panel Preparation Spray PPS

Koch Chemie P6 01 One Cut & Finish and Koch Chemie One Cut Pads - These two work perfectly together to do a considerable amount of cutting whilst being capable of finishing down to a hologram free, high gloss finish!

Koch Chemie One Cut Pad

Be sure to check out our growing range of Koch Chemie products and if you need any help of advice, don't hesitate to contact us.