More New Koch Chemie Items

We've extended our range of Koch Chemie items once again to include a tar remover, leather conditioner, odour eliminator and finishing polish and wax.

Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie TEA TEERWÄSCHE A - Is a powerful, fast acting solvent based tar and glue remover. Despite the name, use this product neat and do not add milk or sugar to it! And obviously this is a joke so don't drink it either!

Koch Chemie LS Leather Star - Leather Star is a leather conditioner and protectant. Simply clean your leather, allow to dry and then work leather star in to keep your leather soft, supple and protected.

Koch Chemie FU Fresh Up - Fresh Up is a powerful odour eliminator capable of eradicating foul odours from your vehicles interior. Yes it's called FU, and no we're not being rude.

Koch Chemie P3.01 Micro Cut & Finish - This is a fine finishing polish which contains carnauba based wax. P3 is capable of removing fine scratches and holograms, producing a high gloss finish, all whilst protecting the car.