Zaino Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner

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Zaino Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner

Zaino Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner

Designed to clean without harsh detergents and rinses easily and restores 'like new' look of leather

Zaino Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner contains the finest blend of emulsifiers, mink oil and synthetic lanolin to safely clean all fine leather surfaces. Alkaline and detergent-free, Zaino Z9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner gently lifts soil and stains without harming the dyes, clear coat protection or natural oils in leather. Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner is so gentle, it helps prevent premature leather damage, including cracking, shrinking and drying.

Perfect for all leather products. Excellent for vinyl too.

After cleaning with Zaino Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner, follow with Zaino Z10 Leather in a Bottle  to keep your leather interior soft, supple and smelling like new.

The Z-9 bottle contains 8 fl. ozs. (236 ml.)

How to use:

  1. Apply Zaino Z-9 one section at a time and work the solution into a nice lather with a sponge. If your leather is heavily soiled, use an upholstery (interior detailing) brush.
  2. When finished scrubbing, be sure to remove all cleaner from the surface with a damp towel.
  3. Do not use an excessive amount or allow cleaner to dry without wiping.
  4. Dry the leather with a clean, dry cotton towel.
  5. Allow your leather to dry thoroughly before applying Zaino Z10 Leather in a bottle.

Size: 236ml (8oz)

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