Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater

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Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater

Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater 

Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater can be used to both remove bad odours such as spilt milk, bodily fluids, dog odours and remove organic staining such as tea, drinks and tobacco. The product works by releasing enzymes that remove the food source on which the bacteria thrives causing the smell to die off.

When used as a pre-spray on carpets and upholstery it removes organic stains. It can also be used to remove odours from drains and sinks.

How to use Enzyme Odour Eater

Spray onto the area and allow to dry repeat if necessary.

Sizes Available: 500ml (pre-diluted, ready to use), 1L and 5L (Concentrates)

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