Valet Pro Dragons Breath

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Valet Pro Dragons Breath

Valet Pro Dragons Breath

Valet Pro Dragon's Breath is a pH neutral iron fallout contamination remover that is safe to use on wheels and bodywork.

Iron Fallout Contaminates are very fine iron filings that come from a number of sources, the most common being brakes. These filings etch into your vehicle's wheels and paintwork and can cause corrosion.

A quick spray of Dragon's Breath will work very quickly to turn these iron filings to a water-soluble state which can be rinsed away. Dragon's Breath turns red when it reacts with iron contamination so you know when it's working.

This product is designed to be decanted into a spray bottle.

How to use Dragons Breath

Spray onto wheels or bodywork and allow to dwell for between 5 and 10 minutes, be careful when using in direct sunlight do not allow the product to start drying! keep hazing pressure washer over vehicle to prevent this. 

Sizes Available: 500ml, 1L & 5L

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