Valet Pro Classic Protectant 500ml

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Valet Pro Classic Protectant 500ml

Valet Pro Classic Protectant 500ml

Valet Pro Classic Protectant is designed to protect interior and exterior plastics and rubber. Classic Protectant has a fantastic ability for reviving faded and dull plastics. This water based dressing is waterproof and has built in UV filters to stop surfaces fading and cracking.

This versatile product can be used for dressing and protecting engine bays, tyres, exterior and interior plastics, car leather, leaving a glossy yet non greasy finish.

How to use Classic Protectant

Tyres - Make sure tyres and dry and spray onto tyre sidewall, use a tyre dress applicator to ensure a even coverage and wipe any excess off rim with a microfibre cloth.

Exterior Plastic Trim - Using a applicator work into trim and allow to dry removing any excess with a microfibre cloth.

Engine Bay - Clean areas to be treated first and allow to dry. Then spray on and allow to dry, spread with a applicator to ensure even coverage and remove any remaining residue with a microfibre cloth.

Size: 500ml

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