Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash

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Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash

Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash

Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash is a powerful yet wax safe pre-wash product designed to remove dirt, grime, road salt, bugs, bird droppings and much more.

Citrus Pre Wash's gentle formula will not strip or cause damage to wax or sealant layers and has many other uses also like cleaning interior plastics, fabrics, engine bays and much more.

Citrus Pre Wash can be applied via a Pump Sprayer, or a Spray Bottle. It can also be applied via a Snow Foam Lance however it will not produce a thick consistency like Snow Foam will.

How To Use Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash

For exterior use dilute 1:6 for heavily soiled and up to 1:10 for lightly soiled vehicles. Spray onto the vehicle using a Pump Sprayer. Allow to dwell for several minutes and then rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer. Continue to wash the vehicle after using the pre-wash.

For interior use dilute 1:20 to clean plastics and spot cleaning fabrics. Spray Citrus Pre Wash onto stained or soiled areas and allow to dwell for two minutes then agitate with a soft detailing brush. Finally wipe the area dry with a clean microfibre towel.

For carpet cleaning dilute anywhere between 1:60 to 1:80 and spray carpets and fabrics then agitate with a fabric brush. Remove product using an extraction machine. Repeat process until area is clean.

Size: 1L & 5L

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