Stjarnagloss Mork Matte Finish Detailer

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Stjarnagloss Mork Matte Finish Detailer

Matt finish quick detail spray for frosted paintwork and matt wraps.

After washing a matt wrapped or matt painted car, you should avoid claying and polishing it – any abrasion may add shine and damage the finish permanently. You also need to avoid adding inadvertent gloss... with gloss being the main aim of 99% of car detailing products on the market!

This makes the choice of quick detailer critical. It not only has to clean effectively but it needs to be free from any kind of abrasives and glossing agents.

Our Mörk detailer is abrasive free and lifts grease effectively thanks to mild solvents, resulting in a natural finish with no added gloss whatsoever.

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