Stjarnagloss Forst X Concentrated Citrus Pre Cleaner

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Stjarnagloss Forst X Concentrated Citrus Pre Cleaner

Stjarnagloss Forst X is a concentrated citrus pre-cleaner that makes light work of removing bugs and general road grime. Unlike regular Forst which is ready to use, this concentrated formula can be diluted 50/50 to make 2L of Forst.

Forst X can be used neat if you really require a cleaner with extra bite, and it can be diluted even further than the 50/50 mix for lighter cleans, making this quite a versatile product.

Using Stjarnagloss Forst X

Apply standard strength Forst to affected areas, leave it for a while to do its thing, then rinse off with your jet wash. Never let it dry on bodywork and rinse thoroughly with water after use. It’s got more cleaning power than snow foam because there’s no aeration from the foam and it’s sprayed on at full strength. Covering the whole car can also waste product, so spray Forst predominantly on the dirty areas (usually the lower half and rear of the car is enough). So you'll never use more citrus pre-cleaner than you need to.

Size: 1L

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